Blazers for men are like dresses for women:  reflecting  a persona in the most elegant way. Be it for your business meets, opt  for casual outings, or even the night around the town shenanigans, if you lobe pulling of a blazer look,  Your closet must be stacked with a wide array of blazers,  in a variety of fabrics. The trend of blazers for men is eternal and is meant to stay in the fashion scene for ever, then why not master the know-how on  their types? No matter which one you love to sport, it is crucial to make it simple yet significant depending  upon the occasion you are heading towards!  The popular mens blazers wholesale manufacturing and designing companies always spruce up the stocks of the retail stores with blazers made of a medley of fabrics , so that the fashion-forward men can take care of their individual needs and preferences.

  • Linen
    Linen blazers for menIf you want to do the funky look on a spring or summer day, bank on a colorful blazer in comfy linen. Get into a linen one which has a casual unstructured look , keeping you fresh all throughout due to the lightweight and cool fabric.


  • Wool/ fleece
    Wool fleece blazers for menTo beat the chilly winter mornings, carry off a strict formal attire in a woollen blazer to office or a business meet. A standard fabric, wool or fleece also comes in fusion with other materials to render different levels of comfort. Apart from an essential navy blazer (a clothing staple for men!), cinch on colors like brown, beige, grey or even maroon. Snug and cozy, they offer ample warmth and breathability.


  • Tweed
    Tweed blazers for menThe promising blazers wholesale designers and brands just do not introduce basic cotton , linen or woollen ones, but have mastered the art in producing tweed blazers exclusively for the  style freaks! A heavy fabric, best suited for the spine chilling colder months, they have elegant textures all over, and not just the classical verve, they  add enough contemporary edge!


  • Play with colors
    colored blazers for menNow, what if you want to throw off a suited- blazer look at a party? Trash all your worries because the leading wholesale mens blazers hubs are recreating color blocking style on classic blazer with perfection. Do not just stick towards a safer side with neutral shades, lay your hands on vibrant and bold colors too!


  • Poised patterns
    Poised patterns blazers for menThe global fashion industry  doesn’t disappoint us with endless possibilities and hence, when it comes to blazers, you are provided with  countless opportunities. Go for blazers adorned with stripes and checks  or self textures f to make your appearance stand out , without hooking onto conventional styles.


  • Cuts and shapes
    When it comes to cuts and shapes, did you just think that blazers have no variety to offer? Break this misconception because there are two types of blazers for men- structured and unstructured . The formal ones are sharp and clean with refined finesse, whereas the casual one holds a very flexible appeal with no definitely restriction.


Thus, with retail stores getting freshened up with graceful wholesale blazers from manufacturers , you have a lot of options to try out!

Written by frerez