Shopping your bra online can be a tricky job. Sometimes the same size of bra can have a different fit because of the difference in the cup sizes. It is undoubtedly disappointing to find out that the bra you have ordered while checking womens clothing online, is an entirely wrong one for you upon its arrival.

So, you need to follow some rules when you are going for online bra shopping. Here are some of them.

1) Measure Your Bust Line To Get Hold Of The Right Band And Cup Size:


In case you are not aware of your bra size, it is best to go for a measurement with a tape. In most of the online stores which are specifically known for their timeless collection of innerwear also offer measuring tools whereby you can come to know the right size of your bra. With the right knowledge of the band size and the cup size, you can always go online bra shopping or without hesitation.

2) Decide the right fit:

If you have bought a bra and can’t decide whether it is a right size, then check if the middle portion of your breast is in the middle of your elbow and shoulder. It will also help you know if your bra is too tight to too loose to hold your breasts up. in both the cases, you might need to exchange your bra to get the right fit.


3) Know what your body type is:

The bra type will be different depending on the shape of the body. For example, if you have an apple shape, you should go for more coverage while pear shapes with light breasts can choose thinner straps for comfort. Opt for online bra shopping as you will get a wider variety in colours, shapes, sizes, materials as well as designs.

4) Check bra size once in a year to get the best fit:

Experts suggest that bras need to be replaced every six months as it tends to become loose due to everyday wear and tear. Bra size also undergoes change due to hormonal fluctuations, weight loss or gain and aging. Hence, it is important to check your breast size whenever you are to go for online bra shopping.

Written by frerez