Women are making great strides in the workplace and yet selecting the right outfit to wear to meetings, business dinners or just to office still remains a challenge. This task further becomes overwhelming due to the strict corporate dress codes that most organizations and companies follow. The passion for fashion can sometimes be bliss but here, a nightmare.

Corporate dress codes are largely conservative and the uniforms don’t stray too far away from black suit jacket, crisp white shirt and black suit pants. Does this sound familiar? If your answer is yes, then keep reading to know how you can follow the orthodox dress code and still look trendy, fashionable and even cute enough to raise a few eyebrows as you walk by.

           Ladies wholesale suitsWholesale women suits

Always, ALWAYS Wear Suits that Fit

Don’t even think of committing this carnal mistake of wearing wholesale women’s suits that is sagging from the shoulders or looks baggy. Style, fashion and all that will immediately go out of the window and NOTHING can save you from going downhill from there. No matter how boring your workwear is, you can still elevate it to look chic and elegant by getting a tailored fit.

Invest in Fashionable Footwear and Other Accessories

Accessorizing is a well-known and small trick that can instantly enhance your corporate look. Invest in statement-making bags, fun jewelry and good pairs of high-heeled or platform pumps. Basically, you would be following the rules set by your company but your look and ladies wholesale suits will be slightly jazzier than before. So, NEVER forget to wear a statement piece.

Wholesale Ladies suitsOpt for Trendy instead of Timeless

We are not talking about going overboard while following trends and walking into office wearing a purple fluorescent suit but yes, keep it light and still very much on-trend. You are a woman and you do not need to dress like a man. Look for wholesale women suits with little details and designs elements such as maybe a slight flare or crop at the bottom of the pants. Take some ideas for Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail where although she wore traditional black suit, she was always seen throwing a pop of color under it.

Carry a Third Piece for Smooth Transition

Once you are satisfied with your elevated corporate look, you might also feel comfortable wearing it with friends after work. Carry an on-trend leather jacket or a stylish scarf to toss it on and be on your way.

Get in touch with reputed manufacturers to get designer wholesale suits for women because one great suit and shirts in the most complimentary colors is a staple for the young professionals.

Written by frerez