Corporate dress codes can be really strict and it might often leave little room fashion and style. But that doesn’t mean that one cannot improve on the traditional suits worn to work with attention-grabbing details and statement-making pieces. With women achieving wonderful feats in the professional level, designers have geared up to introduce pieces that will make modern career women get noticed not only with their work but also with what they wear. Here are some must-have suits that retail clothing store owners should invest in.                         

Tweedy Suits with Scallop Patterned Edges

                  Wholesale Tweedy SuitsTweed Suits for women

The same old black and navy blue suits with crisp white shirt can get really boring. Even to look! Since a woman cannot stride into the office wearing flamboyant colors like dark orange or vivacious pink, she will be on the lookout for alternatives that are still as orthodox as the work ambience demands while still managing to look fab. A trend that has really managed to make going to work fun for fashion-conscious professionals is the tweedy suits featuring cute scallop patterned edges. The scalloped edges on wholesale designer suits really make the suit stand out and can help to jazz up work-wear wardrobe while maintaining the stringent dress code.

Mute Hue Suits with Fringe Detailing 

Any large organization or company has certain dress codes that the employees are expected to follow. Women are expected to come in professional-looking pant or skirt suits that are not too overtly flashy. Women often try to compensate with fabulous looking shoes, chunky jewelry and wow-worthy bags. Understanding the plight of women, designers have started creating suits with intricate details such as fringes. While maintaining the classy-look, these suits really hold their ground when it comes to making heads turn. Get mute designer suits wholesale and impress your customers with your fabulous product offerings.

Ankle Grazer Cigarette Trousers and Slim Tailored Suits 

               Ankle length Trousers slim fit women suits

Show some love to the trousers too! Flared, ill-fitting trousers are definitely out of the game. It doesn’t matter what size one is, slim tailored suits look attractive and can greatly enhance one’s formal look. This season’s trend is so go as slim as possible. The ankle grazer cigarette trousers seem to be a hot rage right now and it ought to feature on your shelves. The right fitting trousers can also oftentimes help to accentuate one’s ensemble and make one grab all the attention in a boardroom meeting or an interview.

If you want more options to choose from or want to stock up on these very much in vogue suit styles, get in touch with a reputed and reliable manufacturer and wholesale supplier to place ladies suits wholesale order and avail awesome package deals.

Written by frerez