Clothing and shoes have an inseparable relationship with women. No matter how many of them you have in your closet, you can never have enough of them. Now when it comes to shoes, you must have a full wardrobe of them and while some come in your priority list which you cannot do without, others are just some wardrobe enhancers that you have purchased on the spur of the moment but never really going to wear them. However, shoes are something, especially those with high heels, that, more than offering practical utility, boost a woman’s confidence and make the look sophisticated and elegant. So here is a list of some daunting high heel shoes that go with any occasion and purpose, from cocktail party to business affair to casual outing while making the legs look leaner and elongated at the same time.

Kitten style

Kitten style heels

Kitten heels are the most comfortable and reasonable pair of high heel shoes that are generally worn to workplace. Besides black, they come in different shades of beige, mint green, yellow and dusty pink as well as in different designs from polka dots and stripes to twisted patterns. Combining both comfort and fashion these work great for various affairs, from job interviews to kitty parties when you require a comfortable heel which is not a pair of stiletto or something higher than 2 inches.

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Wedge variety

Wedge variety

Wedges are easier to walk in with their wide sole touching a wide surface area. Unlike any other heels it is thick and offers better arch support, while cutting down ankle and foot problems. Some women like to consider it as transitional shoes that can be certainly worn throughout the season, taking one from summer to fall. So when you are going to a glitzy evening party, then match your favorite little black dress with a pair of wedge heels in a black with a patch of blue and red on the heel and front portions.



Whether peep toe or platform heels, pumps are perfect to wear to different places, from a corporate office to a casual getaway to a night out with friends. Coming in a medley of bright and subdued tones such as coral red, electric blue to beige and dusty pink these are sufficient to add a zest and a dollop of flamboyance to your otherwise boring looks. However, a pair of nude pumps is always the safest and best option that can go with any outfit and offer a very understated style, if the entire apparel becomes too glamorous for a particular occasion. You can even work these heels with denim jeans or tailored trousers.

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wholesale fashion footwear

Stilettos are typically the highest of all heels that sometimes goes up to 8 inches. Though they are very difficult to walk in and cause several problems in foot and ankle, they still remain the favorite amongst most fashion-forward women, especially models, who require elongated height while walking on the ramp or making a glamorous appearance at a fancy cocktail party.

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Written by frerez