Why Wear Suits !!!
It may be difficult for the everyday average individual to bear Barney Stinson’s enthusiasm on suits, but to deny the importance of this evergreen peace of men’s garment can lead to denying the classier side of men’s wardrobe altogether. Whether you like it or not, whether you are a young academic graduate ready to brave the world or a responsible 9 to 5 office goer or a top shot CEO for that matter, it is imperative that you own a couple of suits (at least) to complement certain formal / semi formal occasions that are sure to come by your way some time or the other.

Easiest Guide to Choosing the Best Designer Suits for Men

Basically, a suit is all it takes to lift you from drab to instant dapper in no time at all. When you come across the right piece, you will discover that you are finally spending less time determining the right combination of clothing before attending events / occasions because the ultimate option would be laid out right under your nose. Whether you choose classic cuts, contemporary fits or even designer suits for men, be assured that the impact will be very welcoming by onlookers.

How to Choose Designer Suits »
While it is true that designer suits are intended to uplift the persona of the wearers, it is also true that not being careful while choosing can lead to killing the very cause of owning suits in the first place. Say for example, if you pick the wrong type, it may raise eye brows in the occasion to which you may be wearing it. Similarly, if you pick the wrong material, you may feel way too cold in the winters, way too hot in the summers and way too constricted within layers of materials just about any time you put your suit on.
So, even before you know it, you will begin to detest the every thought of getting into what is perhaps a blessing to all men’s wardrobe. Changing things for the better is however, an easy possibility. Applying a little commonsense with enlightenment about trends can get you going for the better, and it all starts with choosing the right material for your suit.

Everything is in the Fabric…
Choosing the right fabric for designer suits is critical not just in making the options comfortable for wear, but is also just as important in making the suit look effortlessly posh and classy. Here are a few options that you can consider…

Cotton When it comes to the matter of keeping the wearers cool and comfortable, there are not many materials that can beat 100% cotton. Because of its enhanced breath-ability, cotton suits are perfect for summers when wearers expect relief from body heat and perspiration. On the flip side, cotton suits tend to wrinkle making it imperative for wearers to be wary about how they carry their suit at all times.
Cotton Blend This fabric is characterized with flexibility and stretch-ability all thanks to a careful mix of cotton with stretchable fabric like Lycra or even spandex. A cotton blend suit can keep you cool and comfortable while offering just as much breath-ability as pure cotton itself. Note – Cotton and cotton blend suits are very suitable as office wear. You can avail a variety of shades in these suits and can also make the most of affordable prices on quality options.

Cashmere This is for the gentlemen who cannot do without luxury. Well known for its compromised softness, exquisiteness and comfort, the hefty price tags that come with these options only seem justified. If you own a piece, you will have a reason to flaunt. However, you will also have to be on your toes maintaining these suits because the fabric is not very sturdy and can get worn out sooner than you expect.

Cashmere Blend This is the solution to the flip side of 100% cashmere. Here, cashmere is blended with wool to create fabric that is not just super lustrous but durable and super comfortable at the same time. In fact, this is one of the best known materials for designer suits for men. Note – The only thing to note about Cashmere suits is the price tags. If you are comfortable with the mentioned digits, go ahead and experience sheer luxury.

Silk Suits This can be regarded as a blessing to mankind. Silk suits score very high in terms of luxury and are often a well considered option for lavish events or even a walk on the red carpet. The material offers un-compromised breath-ability and comfort to the wearers in all seasons.

Silk Blend Silk blend suits are a little more luxurious than the 100% silk suits and allow better fit to the wearers.
Note – There is nothing other than price that can stand between you and your first piece of silk suit. It is always a good idea to indulge when you have the stash ready.

Besides the mentioned materials, designer suits can also be made with fabric like wool in its many forms as well as velvet. These options can be great for wear in places that experience butter winters.

Accessorizing Right with Designer Suits »
The good thing about designer suits is that, it is an embellishment in itself. Wisdom lies in adding as little bling as possible so that the elegance of the stitch and the fabric remains the focus of your attire. You can wear quality cuff-links, add a quality watch to your wrist, focus on classy shoes, belt and tie; and this should be more than just enough to make you the center of all attention.

Getting The Best Suits at Best Prices (price and manufacturers)
Here is the truth about designer suits … whether you like it or not, they ARE expensive. Considering the fact that the best of materials are flawlessly tailored to embrace the frame of the wearers to perfection, the price tag which can spill over to many hundred dollars or more seems only justified. However, there are a handful of very high quality manufacturers / suppliers of suits who have managed to crack the codes of making quality available at more affordable costs. Approaching these providers can get you a deal of lifetime.

Written by frerez