” Being a dad is more important than football”

No matter how big a star he is, David Beckham has always been popular for not just being a celeb inspiration, but for the affectionate father he is for his four kids . As he has said in one of his interviews on being asked about how he protects his children from the continuous paparazzi that they receive, he brilliantly said We’ve always protected our children, but we’ve always been honest with them, as well: There’re going to be things said about you, about us, that aren’t true. Probably this is the integrity which has made him succeed as a father, more than being a well-known soccer player! From a sports star to a superstar, he has always kept his family and children as his priority , be it being a house-husband, to motivating his children to indulge in charity work, his family has always been his greatest achievement. Amazing how a star like him balances life with such commitment and perseverance.

Now, how does it feel to not just be a perfect dad, but be the most fashionable one? There is no doubt that he is the most dashing and the sexiest footballer ever, (yes he continues that even after retirement !) . Flaunting 40 tattoos quite dexterously, with the quiff hairstyle , head turning grin and the chiseled jaws  , who wouldn’t want a dad like him(wink)? Indeed he is an inspiration for the fathers all around the globe!

Let’s peep into some of his best looks, and do not worry, because every dad can try them out as the mens designer clothing wholesale suppliers are crafting wide arrays of outfits for all those whole love taking celeb style cues.

1. Man in white!

Davis Backham in 2003 MTV Movie Award

It was in 2003 MTV Movie Award, when David flaunted a charming Samurai-Lord look in a white suit, with an embellished tee inside for a classy ensemble.

2. Classic navy blue

David Backham in navy blue suit

In 2008, when men brooded over baggy suits, Beckham broke the convention and was seen in a suave navy blue suit, with white shirt and tie! Wondering how to try this? No worries as the wholesale mens suits Los Angeles companies are producing navy blue suits in galore for the fashion buffs!

3. A stroll with kids

Devid Backham with kids

Pulling of a poised demeanor (perks of being a dad), he was seen on the streets with his kids in a flannel grey blazer, with navy trousers, over a checked shirt and a dark colored vest!

4. Scarf with a suit? He said yes!

Scarf with a suit

None but only Beckham could pull off a look like this: A black suit, with white shirt, getting an edgy appeal with a lighter grey scarf around the neck!

5. Sartorially in black

David Backham in black suits

In 2012, he was seen in a public function with gorgeous wife Victoria, in a black plaid double breasted suit with similar patterned tie and white shirt beneath , looking poignantly endearing!

6. Alluring tuxedo

Alluring tuxedo for men

The 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party witnessed Beckham in a majestic stature,wearing a classic black tuxedo , reflecting an aura which is irrevocable!

7. Rocking a suit at China!

He never leaves his stylish grandeur in any country or destination he goes for! At China, David was spotted doing a dark brown suit, with a maroon tie with perfection !

Written by frerez