Blazers come in varied styles and sizes, as well as types. These types of clothing make wearers look stylish and elegant, and also protect them from the cold. Those made of superior quality fabrics make wearers look and feel better, and also come with high price tags. If you have opened up a clothing store, you need to purchase men’s blazers wholesale in the following 4 types of fabrics.

Woolen Blazers

Woolen suits for men

It is frequently used for the construction of blazers and wholesale men suits. Blazers made of wool have a nice drape and are also comfortable to wear, due to the breathability of the wool fabric. Those constructed out of wool are frequently tailored similar to suit jackets. These often look professional and elegant in appearance.

Cotton Blazers

Cotton suits for men

This is a common choice for making blazers, due to similar type of breathability as wool. This is also lighter in form. Due to the lightness, it is preferable for warm climatic conditions and summer weather. Those who do not need much layering can find cotton blazers to be enough for their needs.

Linen Blazers

Linen suits for men

Similar to cotton, linen is light in weight and natural in form. It is highly breathable and is ideal for warm climatic conditions. The distinct appearance of linen makes it likeable for many men. The fabric is used by many men’s wholesale clothing manufacturers and is ideal for weddings as well as for other social events held during the day time. But linen tends to get wrinkled very easily and it is also difficult to maintain them properly. Linen blazers are not ideal to be taken along for long distance trips.

Silk Blazers

Men Blazers made of silk

Blazers made of silk are also more advantageous than fabrics made of other natural types of fibers. These are soft, highly breathable and super comfortable in form. A lot of people find silk blazers to be better than other natural types of fibers. These are ideal for formal occasions, weddings and other high profile events that need men to turn up in their best attires. However, considering the fact that silk is more expensive to buy, silk blazers come with a higher price tag.

Written by frerez